Interpretation at the District Attorney´s Office (FGE)

One of our most common services to foreign residents , when available, is the service of interpretation from English to Spanish and vice versa at the District Attorney´s Office (Fiscalía General del Estado, FGE) located across the street from Rosarito City Hall

Click on the following link to access a map to the District Attorney´s Office:

This Office is responsible for receiving criminal reports such as theft or security threats that happen in the city, it is not responsible for receiving civil cases such as landowner-tenant issues, only the State Center for Alternative Justice (Centro Estatal de Justicia Alternativa, CEJA) located in Tijuana can receive these types of cases.

Click on the following link to access a map to CEJA:

In some cases, the District Attorney´s Office will require you to visit a Psychologist assigned by the same office in order to continue with the investigation, should you need assistance with interpretation we can also provide you with the best assistance.

We suggest that you call or email us beforehand in order to ask for our availability to assist you on the day of your appointment.